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Testing and assessment of eye- and face-protection devices

Our product spectrum and services

ECS GmbH - Testing and Certification Body for eye and face protection in Aalen is a global institution and operates an accredited lab for the testing and certification of any kind of eye and face protection devices for personal protection products. In personal laser safety applications and for the protection during welding, ECS operates the world's leading independent test facility. ECS is an internationally active service supplier. We are supporting the manufacturers of protective eyewear when marketing their products in the Common European Market. Many manufacturers of high quality eye and face protection products applied at ECS to monitoring and supervising their quality control measures. Hence, it can be ensured that the essential requirements for the eye and face protection devices are satisfied on a long term basis. Considerably, ECS contributes to the production of good and safe protective equipment for the benefits that users and consumers are well protected.

Demand confidence - creating confidence

ECS GmbH is embedded in an international network of test labs and certification offices where for the benefits of users and consumers, we bring in our experience in optical measuring technologies and in testing and assessment of eye- and face-protection devices. Annually, more than 1,000 custom product reviews and assessments of eye protectors and of ophthalmic products underscore our competence.
ECS has been notified by the Central Office of Federal States for Safety (ZLS) and has been accredited in the European Market for eye- and face protection equipment (Notified Body 1883).

Additional information - further topics

Additional information - further topics will be available shortly.

The regulatory framework - an overview of the European Directives for product safety and their national implementations

Categorization of products of eye and face protection

The standards for eye and face protections devices, screens and curtains

Committee work - DIN, DKE, CEN, ISO, IEC, AKNIR

The way to the EC-type examination certificate / CE certificate

Developments of optical instruments

Other services of the ECS laboratories for eye and face protection